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Directly Operated Railways – Values

Our values are important to us.

These are set out below, and they describe the principles of how we operate as a business – indicating how we behave towards each other – and our wider stakeholders. And demonstrated through our day-to-day behaviours with everyone in the rail community, the staff of Directly Operated Railways are expected to "live" the values in everything they do.

We are human

A Company that puts people at the centre, ensuring we are approachable, open and re-assuring during all stages of the transitions.

We are trustworthy

A Company that works closely with all aspects of the rail industry ensuring we deliver what we promise.

We are straightforward

A Company that does exactly what it says. We will ensure that we are easily understood, easy to deal with, open and honest.

We are flexible

A Company that is adaptable, agile, and embraces change and the opportunity it brings, ensuring risk is minimised.